According to the national regulation of solid waste, all companies are responsible about their solid waste and also the final disposition programs to their products.


Outsource this process is essential for businesses, but this action does not transfer the responsibility of companies and the risk may be enhanced. The correct choice of your recycling partner is very important for your company to be protected and in accordance with the regulations established in our country.


Our electronic recycling management process is based on international waste disposal standards and controls bases on the country regulations, practice and documents of records.



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Our services manage all recycling process through:

Recyclers identification and auditing based

 on international standards and practices in

compliance with current Brazilian regulation

Process analysis, final disposal methods and documents of records of all stages of the process.

Our audits accomplish a full scan from the process, since its structural and legal requirements, through health and safety and operations records.

Periodic audits and verification of all the established requirements.

Our certificates are issued based on processes, records and audits, which brings greater reliability to ReverSee Certificate.

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Our know-how is specialized in preventing the customer from any problems with recycling companies that cannot give the correct destination to the products.

Waste Disposal

In order for this to happen, our partners provide several documentation levels and registration processes for audit.


With the waste disposal certificate, the customer will receive the guarantee of a controlled, audited and within national and international regulations standards process.

Delivery of ReverSee Certificate to the client.

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